WhatsApp July 2017 New 30 Features Tricks

Every one of the traps said in the Articles the most recent adaptation of WhatsApp on Android. We have not tried it on iOS but rather we consider most them should deal with iPhone as well. Simply ensure that you have the most recent WhatsApp rendition introduced, both on Android and iPhone. Here is top whatsapp mega tricks.

1. Quote text in reply
Just select the message tap on the reply button.

2. Change font formatting
Change text to Bold Type *BBCPedia* Italics _BBCPedia_ Strikethrough ~BBCPedia~.

3. Check messages delivered & read
Just lont tap the message and tap on message info.

4. Invite to group via public link
Tap on group then tap on add contact and share the invite link.

5. Exchange GIFS
Trim any video to 6 seconds tap the video icon to change it to GIF send and share the gif.

6. Doodle photos
Select photo and add stickers tap pen icon and doodle.

7. Delete Unwanted Photos
Meet Siftr magic cleaner it searches for duplicate photos and deletes junk photos Simple.

8. Mail Complete Chats
Open any chat tap on the three-dot menu tap on more tap on e-mail chat share your chats easily.

9. Save Data on Calls
Low-data usage can be enabled go to settings data usage tap on low data usage.

10. Pop-up Reply Notifications
Click three-dot and Go to settings >> Notifications then tap on pop-up Notifications then you see 4 options.
No pop-up >> Only when screen “On” >> Only when screen “off” >> Always Show pop-up
So select your choice. then see your whatsapp.

11. Hide Preview Notifications
Go to settings Apps whatsapp select Notifications then tap on hide sensitive content.

12. Custom Notifications
Go to profile info of any contact tap on custom Notifications to enable it.

13. Change number retain chats
Go to settings >> Account >> Tap on change number enter old number and new number.

14. Multiple whatsapp accounts
Clone whatsapp using parallel space tap to open whatsapp and use second account.

15. Same Account on two phones
Open whatsapp web in desktop mode scan QR code same account on another phone.

16. Archive Your chats
Long press on the chat tap on archive icon.

17. Hide last seen & read status
Go to settings >> Privacy >> Tap on last seen Then three options Everyone My Contacts Nobody You select nobody also turn off read receipts.

18. Hide Online Status
Disable your data connections then read your messages now enable your data connections.

19. Forword to Multiple Contacts
Select your message Forward to multiple contacts.

20. Whatsapp On PC & Laptop
Open Web.whatsapp.com Scan QR Code.

21. Tag people In Group Chats
Open your group then tag people with @Zack.

22. Starting messages

When somebody sends a vital message on whatsapp you can’t spare it thinking that its later can be torment yet now there is a cool new device whatsapp now gives you a chance to begin messages by giving long push on any message pick the star in the top menu bar and proceed onward it’s precisely similar to a bookmark or a most loved later when you need to look into any bookmark messages go to menu begin messages and you will see them all recorded the begin messages can likewise be sought so you can discover all the vital stuff you set apart by some individual you can likewise unstart a message later so that the begin messages can be tidied up effectively.

23. Back up charts to Google Drive

On the off chance that you incidentally erase your whatsapp visit history you can reestablish it in a couple of steps yet consider the possibility that you lost your telephone or got another telephone or needed to reset your current stockpiling while what’s a back sub outline history normal me there is presently a simpler and better wave that is Google Drive the new form of the whatsapp for Android lets you consequently reinforcement your talk logs to Google Drive go to menu settings tap diagrams and calls select visit reinforcement at that point select Google Drive settings and set it up.

24. Easier way to clear charts

On the off chance that you are as of now going down those outlines there is no purpose behind you to keep truly old messages it’s a great opportunity to clear things up and what stuff has made it less complex than at any other time and select clear all graphs and you will see three choices all messages more established than 30 days or messages sooner than 6 months pick what you and what’s up we’ll do the rest.

25. Mark messages as read or unread

Choose a chart with any contact or a group give a long press on it and tap mark as unread you can do the opposite to long press a chart we haven’t read and you will see an option to mark as read so it seems like you have read the message without ever opening the chat do not that the recipient still sees that you have read the message it only reflects as unread in your own phone.

26. Use custom notifications

For individuals and gatherings a few contacts and talk bunches are more vital than others well at that point set an alternate kind of notices alarm for them what’s F has taken off custom warnings open any visit tap the title bar and you will discover a possibility for custom notices in it you can set the notice stone vibration impact fly up notice and the shade of the LED light for new messages for whatsapp voice calls you will just get custom ringtones and vibrations.

27. The link previews

This is a neat new feature that doesn’t really make you do anything special but just adds to the overall experience when a link is pasted it be a what’s up chat you will now see a link preview with an image from the article the headline and the base URL.

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