Download 龍の覇業 1.0.0 MOD APK

Download 龍の覇業 1.0.0 MOD APK

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Description of 龍の覇業 (MOD, Unlimited Coins) for android

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Unlimited Money/Gems
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◆ 史上最大ボーナスの三国志シミュレーション!

◆ 英雄と美人の絆、やり込み要素満載!

◆ 軍団の友よ、今夜全員集結、皇城を狙え!

◆ 赤壁の戦い、50VS50、最高の水上戦!

◆ 天下より美人、彼女たちの隠された姿を解放

◆ 300種類以上の策略、多様な組み合わせ、相生相克


【龍の覇業 公式Twitterはこちら】
“Dragon’s Haunting” is a full-scale Romance of the Three Kingdoms simulation game. The player told the story of the heroes and heroes who settled the war as a child of Shinryu in the turbulent world of the late Han Dynasty.
Recruit heroes from the Three Kingdoms era, build castles, expand troops, improve your military strength by plundering resources, participate in stadiums and corps battles, get the world and beauty, your own supremacy To build.
It’s packed with elements such as commander, war, training, and diplomacy, and anyone can enjoy it. Let’s create a new three-country civilization with our friends.

◆ Simulation of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms with the largest bonus ever!
Trio bonus, 30 consecutive days login, 300 consecutive gachas.
Now, you can get the superhuman strength general “Zhang Fei” just by participating in the war! Get “Zhao Yun” with your first gacha! Aim for victory on the battlefield and have good luck!

◆ The bond between heroes and beautiful women, full of replay elements!
Innovative military commander system, bond profit and strategy skills exclusively for beautiful military commanders. Not only war but also domestic affairs can play an active part, and it is full of replay elements! The combination of hero and beauty is even stronger, fight against Lu Bu, get Diaochan, and go to the royal road.

◆ Friend of the army, gather all tonight, aim for the Imperial Palace!
State prefecture, Miyakonojo, Imperial Palace, three major siege battle events, held weekly! Build a powerful army, wipe out your enemies and occupy the castle! After occupying the castle, get exclusive buffs and rewards for all members! Become an emperor in the Imperial Palace, have various privileges, and get this world!

◆ Battle of Red Cliffs, 50VS50, the best water battle!
Innovative battle system, original naval battle mode, independent battlefield, battlefield training, 50VS50 fair competition, strategic gekokujo, give you the best presence!
Independent battlefield, serious confrontation with players from all over the country!

◆ Beautiful women from the world, release their hidden appearance
An original double-sided card system, beautiful women with the back side, release the hidden figure when it becomes 3 stars! Get the rising star material in the dungeon! If you want to show the hidden back side of the beautiful warlord, why not capture the dungeon and release it!

◆ Over 300 types of strategies, various combinations, and conflicts with each other
More than 60 warlords, each warlord has 6 skills, a large amount of strategies, techniques, a military commander and a military commander system, more than 300 types of teams, Aioi conflict, full content. Aim to be the strongest tactician with your own wonderful tactics!

[Recommended game for people like this! ]
・ I like simulation games and strategy games
・ I like history, I like Sangokushi
・ I like games where you think about your own strategy and fight
・ I’m looking for a high quality and full-fledged Sangokushi smartphone game
・ I like games that are realistic and have beautiful graphics.
・ I want to enjoy collecting and nurturing characters from the Three Kingdoms
・ I want to play against other players with abundant battle content
・ I want to enjoy a great battle with my corps members
・ I want to develop my castle in domestic affairs

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App Name 龍の覇業
Latest Version 1.0.0
Rating ( 108 )
Size 98.0 MB
Requirement Android 4.4+
Updated 2020-10-14
Installs 1,000+
Category Games, Strategy