Download 鍊金工房 Online ~布雷賽爾的鍊金術士~ 3.5.0 MOD APK

Download 鍊金工房 Online ~布雷賽爾的鍊金術士~ 3.5.0 MOD APK

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Description of 鍊金工房 Online ~布雷賽爾的鍊金術士~ (MOD, Unlimited Coins) for android

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日本人氣RPG 遊戲「鍊金工坊」登場!20年豐富的IP角色,網羅「鍊金工坊」系列的人氣角色,更可以個性化屬於自己的工作室、無體力限制豪爽暢遊鍊金世界、高靈活自由使用鍊金術以及與主機遊戲媲美的宏觀劇情等著和你共同冒險!

某個時代裡,人類繁衍生息、文明生機勃勃時,存在著一座被大自然簇擁的小島 ──「布雷賽爾島」,人們熱衷鑽研不同的學術研究,其中一種神祕學術「煉金術」伴隨著文明蓬勃發展的催化,再次發光發熱。煉金術士!你將在旅程中不斷冒險探索,讓鍊金術再度走向高峰。

– 遊戲特色 –





The popular Japanese RPG game “Alchemy Workshop” is here! 20 years of rich IP characters, including popular characters from the “Alchemy Workshop” series, can also personalize your own studio, freely travel the Alchemy world without physical limitations, highly flexible and free use of Alchemy, and comparable to console games The macro plot is waiting to take an adventure with you!

In a certain era, when human beings were multiplying and civilization was vibrant, there was a small island surrounded by nature-“Bressel Island”. People were keen to study different academic research, one of which was accompanied by mysterious academic “alchemy” The catalysis of the vigorous development of civilization once again shines. Alchemist! You will continue to adventure and explore during your journey, and let the alchemy reach its peak again.

– Game Features –

[The protagonists of the past come on stage]
Collecting popular characters from the “Alchemy Workshop” series, popular characters represented by “Lysha” and “Rorona” will appear one after another. You will travel with you on “Bressel Island” and enjoy the colorful fantasy world.

[Alchemy with changeable gameplay]
In the vast expedition map, the series of conventional materials are adopted, and high-quality props and equipment are blended to create a highly flexible and free alchemy!

[Host-level macro plot]
The full voice actor voice lineup, combined with the macro host story, immersive adventure journey, beautiful world to enjoy the new RPG story!

[Swimming with no physical limitations]
Get rid of the long waiting for physical recovery, lunch break at noon, waiting in line, unlimited play as you want, let you enjoy the world of Alchemy!

[Adventure together]
Here you can meet new friends, interact with friends in teams, take adventures in multiplayer mode, and challenge randomly generated mazes!

Game Information of Download 鍊金工房 Online ~布雷賽爾的鍊金術士~ 3.5.0 MOD APK

App Name 鍊金工房 Online ~布雷賽爾的鍊金術士~
Latest Version 3.5.0
Rating ( 2419 )
Requirement 4.4 and up
Updated 2020-09-10
Installs 50,000+