Download 脱出ゲーム 夏まつり 短時間でサクッと遊べるドット絵ゲーム  MOD APK v1.2

Download 脱出ゲーム 夏まつり 短時間でサクッと遊べるドット絵ゲーム MOD APK v1.2

Description of 脱出ゲーム 夏まつり 短時間でサクッと遊べるドット絵ゲーム (MOD, Unlimited Coins) for android

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Unlimited Money/Gems
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Ver 1.0およびVer 1.1において、太鼓の謎が解けないとの報告が上がっています。解析したところ、拡大表示すべきヒントを表示していない方がいらっしゃるようです。Ver 1.2において改善しておりますが、Ver1.2より以前のバージョンで遊んでいらっしゃる方は、ヒントを拡大表示してから、謎にチャレンジいただけると幸いです。


An escape game with the theme of summer festivals. The key to escape is “fireworks”. Play the popular new escape game for free!

* About the report that the mystery of drums cannot be solved
In Ver 1.0 and Ver 1.1, it has been reported that the mystery of drums cannot be solved. As a result of analysis, it seems that some people do not display hints that should be enlarged. It has been improved in Ver 1.2, but if you are playing with a version earlier than Ver 1.2, we would appreciate it if you could challenge the mystery after enlarging the hint.

・ It consists of beginner-level puzzle solving.
・ Perfect for killing time! Estimated play time is 15 minutes!
・ Just tap to play!
・ Even if you don’t move forward, you can proceed quickly by looking at the hints.
・ No extra mini games.
-No horror element.
-Unusual pixel art (pixel art) graphics.
・ Completely free. Zero billing factor.

【how to play】
Tap a suspicious area on the screen to enlarge it.
When you zoom in, you can see things that you couldn’t see before, and you can press buttons.
You can move the scene with ▲ at the bottom of the screen.
If you don’t know how to proceed, tap the “Hints” icon in the upper right to get hints. (You need to watch the advertising video.)
You may get items by solving the mystery. The acquired items are lined up with icons at the top of the screen.
Tap the item icon once to select it, and tap the screen to use the item.
If you tap the item icon again while selecting an item, you can read the item description.
There are items that can be combined with each other.
Ver 1.2:太鼓の謎について修正
Ver 1.1:ログ強化および微修正
Ver 1.0:ファーストリリース

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