Chaos Lyrics – Rich Chigga

Rich Chigga” working on his new project Called “Chaos” This Song Composed By Rich Chigga  and Lyrics given Rich Chigga Video Produced & Director Brian Imanuel, James Defina, Jason Ano Featuring Rich Chigga Full Music Out Now read lyrics music label: 88rising.

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Chaos Lyrics

Yeah happy birthday
I’m 18 now
And women can legally have sex with me
Now shut up

I’ll be riding right down Uzuki name bro
Sittin’ on my lap but she just tryna to be my friend though
Bumping on the ex so I’m about to call my XO
So, mommy daddy hold my sit now I’m like a rainbow

You can’t get rid of me
I ain’t go with no way
And I’m always multiplying like I’m always 400K

Two on one, take all day
And I’m just maze
She like sips outta a mason jar
She ain’t hippy she fucks with granola bars
Let the freakie get my carriers like I’m on Mars
Saying you forgot my rules and then you went too far

Ay Then you went too far
Got these people all around me man they treat me like a star
Dressed like I don’t give a fuck but still I’m ballin’ like LaVar
Got to wait about three years until I can go to the bar

Dam, I make all my own shit
I get all the profits
If you actin’ lazy then do not expect your props bitch
Movin with the tactics just got guilt down on my fat
man just like sitting in the car, hey

Used to hate the camera, now your boy’s a natural
Now your boy is on the road two months and
Try to put me in a box
I’ll always break the lock
Call me cause she licking on my like

Oh my god man this voice so deep

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