Download プラオレ!~SMILE PRINCESS~ 1.0.8 MOD APK

Download プラオレ!~SMILE PRINCESS~ 1.0.8 MOD APK

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『バンドリ! ガールズバンドパーティ!』×『プラオレ』コラボ開催中!!

Cyber AgentとDMM GAMESが贈る大型プロジェクト「プラオレ!」から
史上初の女子アイスホッケーゲーム「プラオレ!~SMILE PRINCESS~」が登場!


TVアニメ『プラオレ!~PRIDE OF ORANGE~』の名シーンをゲームでも再現!?

個性的な選手たちが切磋琢磨し、U-18日本代表チーム「SMILE PRINCESS」としてひとつにまとまっていく。

TVアニメ『プラオレ!〜PRIDE OF ORANGE〜』のその後を描いた「メインシナリオ」





DMM GAMESでもゲームプレイ!

And more

更にメインキャスト7名による声優ユニット『SMILE PRINCESS』も活動中!

▼公式Youtubeチャンネル『「SMILE PRINCESS」byプラオレ!』

声優ユニット『SMILE PRINCESS』メンバー

『Glorious Day』
作詞:鈴木このみ 作曲:鈴木このみ・今井了介 編曲:今井了介、前田佑
Sound produce:今井了介

原作キャラデザイン『Craft Egg』



©2020 プラオレ!メディアミックスパートナーズ
“BanG Dream! Girls band party! ] X “Puraore” collaboration is being held! !!
Get collaboration limited members!

From the large-scale project “Puraore!” Presented by Cyber ​​Agent and DMM GAMES
The first ever women’s ice hockey game “Puraore! ~ SMILE PRINCESS ~” is now available!

“Even in games! Connect packs with the bonds of your heart!”

TV anime “Puraore! -The famous scene of “PRIDE OF ORANGE-” is reproduced in the game! ??
Let’s enjoy the powerful game supervised by the professional ice hockey team “H.C. Tochigi Nikko Ice Bucks”!

● Synopsis ●
You who have been newly appointed to the GM of the Ice Hockey Women’s U-18 Japan National Team.
My first job is to meet the 22 players selected as representatives and confirm their intention to participate.
Unique players will work hard and unite as the U-18 Japan National Team “SMILE PRINCESS”.
With the support of GM, what can they get by fighting against the world’s strongest teams aiming for the championship?

● You can interact more with the characters ●
TV anime “Puraore! “Main scenario” that depicts the aftermath of “~ PRIDE OF ORANGE ~”
“Team scenario” for each team
You can read 3 scenarios of “episodes” where you can interact with the characters!

Let’s check the side of those children that could not be seen in the animation!

● Incandescent ice hockey ●
Enjoy a game supervised by the professional ice hockey team “H.C. Tochigi Nikko Ice Bucks”!
The result of the match depends on the strategy and the timing of player changes! It’s the highlight of your skill as a GM!

Of course, it also has auto play for busy GM.

It’s up to you how to create a team, and those kids who were rivals in the anime are also teammates in the game!
Let’s aim for the top of the world by forming your own team, which was not possible with animation!

● You can play games even on a large screen ●
Gameplay with DMM GAMES!
By linking your DMM account, you can enjoy Praore anytime, anywhere!

● Gorgeous voice actors who color the game ●
Riku Masuda / Saika Kitamori / Satomi Hongo / Mayu Sagara / Asuka Shioiri / Yurika Moriyama
Hisako Tojo / Ruriko Aoki / Aina Suzuki / Eriko Matsui / Shizuku Hoshinoya / Kurumi Takase
Aina Aiba / Miku Ito / Ayasa Goto / Suzuko Mimori / Sora Tokui / Sumire Uesaka
Yoshino Aoyama / Mikako Komatsu
And more

Furthermore, the voice actor unit “SMILE PRINCESS” by 7 main cast members is also active!
Let’s check the activities of Smapuri members who challenge various trials on YouTube!

▼ Official Youtube channel “” SMILE PRINCESS “by Praore! 』

Voice actor unit “SMILE PRINCESS” member
Riku Masuda / Satomi Hongo / Mayu Sagara / Saika Kitamori / Asuka Shioiri / Yurika Moriyama / Yoshino Aoyama

● Theme song ●
“Glorious Day”
Song: Konomi Suzuki
Lyrics: Konomi Suzuki Composition: Konomi Suzuki, Ryosuke Imai Arrangement: Ryosuke Imai, Yu Maeda
Sound produce: Ryosuke Imai

● Credit ●
Original character design “Craft Egg”
Ice Hockey Setting Examination “H.C. Tochigi Nikko Ice Bucks”

▼ Game official website

▼ Game official Twitter

© 2020 Praore! Media Mix Partners

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App Name プラオレ!~SMILE PRINCESS~
Latest Version 1.0.8
Size 88M
Requirement 6.0 and up
Updated April 28, 2022
Installs 10,000+
Category Games, Simulation