How to Make Pretty Woman Makeup Official Tips

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How to do pretty woman make up almost.

Almost every girl will agree that make up as one of humankind’s greatest discoveries.

It keeps you looking fresh and gorgeous throughout the day and conceals and diverts attention away from any blemishes pimples or uneven colorations without a doubt makeup helps women feel more confident.

If you’ve always wanted to improve your skills but aren’t exactly sure how to go about it this guide on how to do pretty woman makeup will get you covered and pretty in no time.

1. Start with a basic skin cleaning regimen.

Every makeup expert will tell you that a clean palette is the best way to start cleanse tone and moisturize your face to get rid of any dirt that may interfere with your makeup. cleansing and toning keep your face feeling and looking fresh while moisturizing keeps your skin is soft and smooth.

A good moisturizer also sets a perfect base for foundation or face powder which helps makeup stay on longer

2. Apply foundation or BB cream.

A good foundation or cream base evens out everything on your face making your skin appear warm and blemish free choose a color close to your skin tone so it does not contrast with your neck and ears to choose a correct tone try applying a bit at the back of your hand and blending it in.

Additionally when using a foundation or cream consider one with sunscreen to help shield your skin from sun damage. If you want to hide those dark under eye circles use a concealer that also blends in with your foundation.

3. Apply some blush.

Rosy cheeks are the standard to looking like the perfect beauty they also add color to your face and keep you from looking too pale.

Cheek blushers come in either cream gel or powder form if you have dry skin creams or gels suit you better while those with oily skin are better off with powder blushes.

Choose a rosy pink or peachy orange as these go well with most other colors to figure out where to apply your blush look for the highest point in your cheekbone area or the apples of your cheeks. A simple smile at the mirror will help you locate them apply some blush and blend in with an upward motion.

4. Apply a finishing powder.

Depending on what you’re used to you can either use pressed or loose powder some women use a neutral colored powder however one close to your skin tone will look much better apply all over your face and even out any excess.

Face powder helps absorb any oil so you look fresh and glowing it also neutralizes any excess moisturizer or cream.

5. Brush on eyeshadow.

Start by choosing colors that complement your eyes usually a combination of light medium and dark colors are ideal first apply the lightest color over the inner eyelid crease blending it over the eye then apply some right under the brow line at the outer end of the eye.

Next apply the medium shade over your entire eyelid crease and brush it out work blend with the lightest color. Finally apply the darkest you starting at the outside corner of your eye move the brush slightly inward until the center while following the contour of your eyelid.

Blend it with the medium cube using your fingertips.

6.Apply mascara and eyeliner.

Eyeliner helps define your eyes while mascara thickens your lashes to give your eyes that glam look to apply eyeliner start ideally at the center of your lash line as close to your lashes as possible. Continue toward the end in fill in the line starting from the inner portion of your lash line

Then apply mascara by passing and wiggling the brush over your lashes this helps coat each individual strand with mascara. When choosing mascara and eyeliner colors black is the most defining color but you can also play around with dark blue or brown gears to see which suits you best.

7. Get those luscious lips.

Now that you’ve done your eyes it’s time to pretty up your pout start off with a moisturizing lip balm to soften your lips then apply your chosen lipstick color making sure to follow the natural contour of your lips.

Make sure the lip color goes well with your eyeshadow as you don’t want to look like the newest circus star finish off with a transparent or lightly colored gloss to add tion to your lips. Now that you know how to do pretty woman makeup from start to end go on and try out these steps now to look like the next glam diva on the block.

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