How I kiss your lips and Lush Tips

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How To Make Your Lips Kissable.

Women love lipstick, but it is no longer destroying matte lip lips dry lip Every facial area, looking for your lips wonderfully completes the perfect look.

Beauty guides how to make your lips look gorgeous and kiss, you will reach your lips help to make you smile more attractive.

Tip 1. Set a good foundation.

If you have dry, dry lips, no amount of shiny lipstick, which makes it ideal for the lips of your preparation before Lipgloss preferred peeling the dead skin weakens the dry and dull lips.

To do this, make your washing lip with a teaspoon of sugar with an equal amount of honey is shaken. Then wet your lips with warm water a little, take the stain and apply lightly on your lips in a circular motion with your hands. Rinse with warm water. Check for an area that is not covered, wash and repeat again if necessary and rinse.

Tip 2. Apply a moisturizing serum.

Serum has a strong and soothing moisturizing lip and can help you get the fuller lips keep a little to do with aloe extract of honey and olive oil.

Rub your lips and let them sit for 10 minutes.

Rinsing with warm water, you will find that your lips look and feel softer after.

Tip 3. Daily hydration.

Thus, the exfoliating effect and serum Must give the lips the necessary newspaper Press a lip balm or lip gloss, but be sure to choose one with natural moisturizing ingredients such as oils and shea butter beans.

Lip balm oil can work but tends to His lips dry after a while.

In addition, you should also need internal moisture on your daily lips eight glasses of water or more drinking

Tip 4. Try natural plumpers of lips.

For very baciose lips a small grid immediately adding a number of natural ingredients can help increase the flow of blood to the lips and show them lush and full.

There are simple, express words that you can do at home once.

Just choose between 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon pinch or two chilli peppers or 5 drops of peppermint oil to half a teaspoon to add oil or coconut oil.

Mix Down on your lips and leave for a while.

They are a tingling sensation that the blood flow rises to the lips, resulting in a return and the appearance of Washher is an opinion.

Tip 5. Select your fields.

The color and texture of the lip stick affects leftovers remains when the color of choice for the colors of the lips that complements the skin’s skin look.

If you look better in the soil or in tones of yellow and red the skin is “hot”

To adjust the color of brownish-orange and other warm, soft-colored, is red.

If the nuances gemstone tone of leather blue or silver jewelry prefer the skin color is “cold”.

Choose the cooler color in the pink attractive eyelash shade and also need to consider the lipstick texture.

The matte texture tones the lip size, while the bright and shiny texture your lips are fuller.

For this reason, Lip Gloss is a perfect finish if the lipstick as it attracts more light, it wants to make your lips moist and kissable.

Tips on how to look lips to make lips lush kissable and improve the level immediately.

A final suggestion is to understand that some things can lips like smoking or exposure to the sun, said, for example, trying to avoid lips to keep them healthy and easier to decorate.

Follow these tips to enjoy beautiful baciose lips in no time 🙂

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