How To Cleared Your Acne in Just Days Official Tips.

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I cleared my skin in 30 days this is a big one for me guys enjoy.

First. I needed to do some research alright I’ll go to Google then I pulled up my warden to make a plain I called it my -day skin transformation I get myself some rule don’t touch your face no makeup no dairy finally no junk food.

Then I planned out all the crazy shit I was going to do that month to make my skin better or at least try drink lots of water okay so a lot of water isn’t a set amount or a measurement so I’m going to make it a gallon of water a day this is just freaking ridiculous I just want you guys to think about all the weird looks I got doing this next.

I decided to look a lot of supplements and herbal remedies but no so bloomin good for acne I decided to take alpha lipoic acid a probiotic omega- magnesium vitamin D humor or Lena and a multivitamin next exercise for minutes or more per day oh shoot I don’t like the exercise play love song stand guard use a brand new face mask everyday which I bought from beauty guru website Hawaiian for fuchal in India sounds pretty good only use cold water to wash my face.

Wow of course a comprehensive diet plan healthy oh my each ndaya or acne alright so it looks like we’re going raw vegan do you guys know what that means no meat no dairy only vegetables fruits and and I can’t cook them oh my god oh and finally we’re going to need a daily skin care regimen basically how I clean my face every.

I look to some stuff and for my skin where it is super oily and everything and also with how forgetful and a DD I am I decided to go with proactive fertilizer products I figured it’d work good for this because they make the skincare thing real simple real easy and that’s it now let’s go to.

1. day December so it’s day one and this is my starting point this is mine and as you can see I have a little bit of acne that’s healing right here the my chin a little bit on my forehead of it over on this cheek too and I can feel one coming in here but yeah my acne is pretty to be here had a few too light on so you can kind of see everything alright so my water just Willa drink my tummy her and of course we meet our supplements is one big handful of pills is a biggest pill of ever seen and now a drop of vitamin D and finally our Sperling us weird cheers guys to good skin.

Hey guys so this is my skin regimen first we claimed order size and rub in circles around my photography to come fly it to the pain and then to this wave almost heard about toner from girl they’re always like yeah tone your face I have no idea with the seat well

I guess you won girls cuz I’m doing it alright now we got that a time preceptory repair what’s really good for skin TVs oh that’s me alright so today on my home town and I saw my sister had this budget raised alarm water to apply after figure I guess is just supposed to dry like this old man bang good morning from tea in the pans of the world Manish.

2. Today quick update keeping up with this proactive stuff is hard as a great product I really like it a lot but I forget it I know you girls are always thinking oh my gosh that’s so easy twice today I was times today you’re in Chicago today in a few days I have a flight out to LA and I’m going to move back a bit all right into the night and it’s time for proactive now it’s off to that today’s special skin thing is we sent this by one of you guys a dead sea mud mask.

So it feels a little tingly just a little bit though not a lot just got back to LA rented out this place put some stuff in but it is day and I’m still keeping up with the skin routine got a freaking water got more water I got the fruit I got the beans the vegetable oh gosh alright this is it ah people are supposed to go through it it’s just it’s day today.

I’m eating subway and I know subway is it raw vegan but today is my cheat day with nothing but vegetables Tomasso ridiculous oh these Japanese one looks like that ginger they put in the shrimp when you’re eating sushi for beauty so it is day and as you can see my skin has cleared up so much honestly guys my mind is wide don’t never has this just like this never good morning making some juice today cheers everybody.

I learned it when you shower it’s really bad for your skin’s out a hot shower pops up on your face boys has it from now on I’m taking a cold shower so that’s why did you a cold shower is just a freakin do it whoa yes so all I know left is broccoli yeah why did I listen day we’re getting so close so freaking close almost over boys and girls

l bud let’s go and Josh good today I’m going to do bodyweight exercises something that I’m not trying to guess we’re just going to really push up some stuff this is it this is it guys day we’ve come so far guys we have come farther than I could have ever imagined ever and we’re back this video clip right now is actually shot about a week after I finished the month.

I kind of quit some of the old stuff that wasn’t really doing anything or working and kept to doing the things that we’re working and you might be like well Chris you just so many things how you know what worked what did it well I kind of just could tell because you know the face mask for example none of them did anything specific they were all just silly but drinking water made me feel so much better and on days that.

I would forget to drink water because I did have those days I would notice immediately my skin look any worse so first of all what we’re drinking a gallon of water a day staying extremely hydrated worked amazing.

I always sort of knew this because my skin when it’s humid out is a lot better glasses drinking a gallon water a day I noticed I have an extreme amount of more energy more clear-headed messing with sauce there’s so many things just happened from just drinking water also washing my face with cold water and taking cold showers my word having a better diet also the wonder it’s eating lots of fruits and vegetables staying away from sweets language there is assuming the right nutrients also exercise having that natural sweat cleaning the inside getting things out and losing my body keeping everything active and healthy.

I was and of course keeping your skin healthy clean toned moisturized doing that your skin twice a day is so important it’s like the basis of all skin care and a whole lot of and around products that sort of work for that but nothing that is as intuitive and simple and just just works as well as Proactiv for me personally that was the basis of all my success and that’s what got me to stick in a routine because.

I was doing that twice a day and then remembering and gotta keep drinking water gotta keep doing this and this and this because it’s all part of a lifestyle that makes me healthier it makes me more organized

I don’t know if you guys have noticed I have mad ad D and I can’t focus on anything even now my thoughts are getting sidetracked it’s going to change more than just your skin I feel a lot more focus even though I’m incredibly still unfocused I totally have more energy.

I feel like I’m healthier and lighter and more vibrant focus and my skin is truly better than it’s ever been see the reason they call it a skin care journey is because it’s not really even about your skin or not having acne it’s about taking care of yourself and your skin is literally all over your body so it pretty much is yourself take care of your skin you got to take care of yourself now finally my advice for you guys what.

I think you should do if you’re struggling with your skin if you’re struggling with acne this is my advice first before doing any sort of treatment I think you should try to focus on accepting your act and accepting yourself with that and being okay with people seeing you that way it’s really difficult and it takes a lot but opening up to others feels so good and it changes the way that.

You look at that insecure it changes what that is to you from being something that you hate to take that and turns it into this is something that I’m growing out of the floor or that I want to overcome where it’s something I don’t like about myself if you are lucky enough to be able to manage you guys I’m super proud of you

You are freakin amazing on to the next step which is try a lot of things but be consistent with it when you try something try it for a long time at least a month that sounds kind of crazy but trust me it takes a

While for something to work and you have to do it every single day don’t waste your time with home remedy don’t waste your time with buying tons of expensive or stupid or products don’t buy that many product the only necessary product is something to wash moisturize clean your skin everything else should pretty much be free it’s going to take you a while to nity process of elimination but don’t focus on the goal of getting rid of your act look asan the goal of making your life healthier making you a better person and lastly have a skincare routine

I have some products that you can use every single day on a schedule to take care of your skin my choice as I’ve said before is Proactiv I think their products makes a lot of sense it works great for me it’s really good especially going to orderly skin but like I said before you really do have to explore look everybody’s skin is different processes for me really showed me what skincare was about and it wasn’t just taking all the oil out of your skin it has to be a full treatment that goes deep into your life I’m just going to stick with this I’m going to stick with what I’m doing and I’m going to see where it goes I will keep you guys updated tell you how my acne scars develop and heal a man I am on post about skincare because I finally got it to work after all in time a bullshitter that’s everything.

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